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November 9th

Column: Broken Chords

Tower Records, the famed record retail store known for providing music fiends with their fix of eclectic styles of music, is dead at the age of 46.

Column: The Escapist

The upcoming holiday triple-threat is more than just the most wonderful time of the year for free stuff and vitriolic dinner-table political debates.

Indie rockers to serve up last set Uptown, disband

The meal is over. It sure was great, but all things must come to an end.

Folk rockers strut styles for miles and miles

With wit as dry as the desert and songwriting as potent as perfume, longtime Athens-music-aficionados-turned-up-and-coming -rock stars Casual Future traverse the dangerous mountains of Athens County t


Students in the Ohio University School of Art are taking on a project of astronomical proportions and hoping to set a world record in the process.


Wearing Crocs in the winter

Partying like it's 1599

With the accurate details of old-fashioned clothing and the thunderous clash of weaponry, the Athens Medieval Society makes a name for itself at Ohio University.

Column: Coloring in the Lines

Now that everyone is beyond recovered from Halloween and election season has drawn to a close, Athens is moving on to bigger and better things ... namely Christmas.

Your Turn: Legislators can keep Ohio puppies out of the cold

Ohio's puppy mills, comply or shut down ' it's up to the legislature now!

Your Turn: Bob Ney building at OU Eastern should be renamed

On Nov. 2, an article by Jonathan Hunt appeared in The Athens News informing us that OU officials have no plans to rename the Robert W.

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