‘Post’ selects new editor-in-chief


The Post’s publishing board appointed current campus staff editor Pat Holmes to be the editor-in-chief of the newspaper for the 2012–2013 school year.

Holmes, a junior from Erie, Penn., studying journalism, will replace outgoing Editor-in-Chief Wesley Lowery.

As the head of the publication, Holmes said he plans to focus on maintaining the quality of the physical paper while emphasizing accessibility of multimedia and expanding access to content online and the free downloadable smartphone application.

Though he recognizes the challenges facing the newspaper, Holmes said he is optimistic about its potential.

“We have one of the most talented core group of young writers since I started here,” he said.

Though he was the only applicant for position, the publishing board overwhelmingly supported his candidacy, said Molly Yanity, a graduate student studying journalism and a member of The Post’s publishing board.

“Everyone on the board was very comfortable with the decision,” she said.

Yanity cited Holmes’ performance this year, his discussion with the board and the respect he has earned from other writers as reasons for the board’s decision.

As he takes the reins for next year, a challenge Holmes will face will be spreading awareness of alternative forms of content, Lowery said.

“The biggest efforts … have to be focused on getting people content in the ways they want to read it,” he said. “I’m confident that will be at the forefront of his mind in terms of his initiatives and his staffing decisions.”

Holmes began his tenure at The Post while writing for campus news staff during his freshman year. He was promoted to staff writer for his sophomore year and he began his junior year as editor of the local news staff, but left for a Winter Quarter internship at The Columbus Dispatch as a part of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Statehouse News Bureau. This Spring Quarter, he returned to The Post to serve as campus staff editor.

Holmes’ external experience — including his work at The Columbus Dispatch and a sports broadcast internship at WJET 24 in Erie, Penn. — has prepared him for editor-in-chief, Lowery said.

The Post’s publication board is made up 13 voting members, including four faculty members, two graduate students, two undergraduate students, three administrators, the editor-in-chief of The Post and a community member.

“It’s one of those moments when you think, ‘Man, I should probably call my mom,’” Holmes said. “So I did.”

Holmes said he was honored by his selection and excited for the new role.
“I’m actually only in it for the Twitter followers,” he joked. “Just kidding.”

— Sara Jerde contributed to this article.


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