10Fest to test out new fall time slot as result of OU’s Q2S transition

Alex Goodlett | File Photo 8Fest’s host, Santino Corleon, performed onstage May 21, 2011 with DJ Ghost. Corleon, a performer from Cincinnati, was invited back after appearing at 7Fest.

As the quarters to semesters switch looms in the near future of Ohio University students, organizers of the number fests prepare for the change by moving 10Fest to the fall.

“It’s weird that they are changing the date, but it’s so exciting because I feel like everyone is craving for fest season by the time spring rolls around,” said Melissa Miller, a sophomore studying psychology and sociology.

Dominic Petrozzi, the festival’s founder and Ohio University alumnus, said the change was due to a number of factors.

“It’s (Columbus’) bicentennial and what better way to celebrate that than have two epic parties in one year?” Petrozzi said.

The ideal month for 10Fest is August, but nothing is official yet, he said.

Before the date change was considered, fest planners met with Athens County officials to discuss security, traffic and enforcement.

“Dominic met with my staff to plan out two fests this year (9Fest and 10Fest),” Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly said. “The sheriff’s office has worked with Dominic before and it has gone well. Our logistics have been very successful in the past and, for the most part, will remain the same.”

Kelly said he isn’t concerned about the earlier date, but he is concerned about visiting students.

“I’m most concerned about other students that come in from out of town,” Kelly said. “For the most part, our encounters have been with other students from out of town. OU students haven’t been the problem in the past.”

While students are preparing for the schedule switch, Janelle Thompson, a sophomore studying marketing and MIS, is anticipating the change in fest season.

“It’s weird, but with semesters we are going to get out when it’s still too cold to have a fest,” Thompson said. “It makes sense and I think it’ll be more fun.”

Despite changes for 10Fest, plans for 9Fest have not been changed and is still scheduled for May 19. The acts have yet to be announced.

“9Fest has not changed in any way,” Petrozzi said. “We just thought, with everything going on that the date change for 10Fest would be better.”

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