14,000 copies are distributed free, Monday through Friday, on the Ohio University campus and at more than 200 locations in Athens County, including the Hocking College campus.


National Open Rate: $10.75 (net only) per column inch

Local Open Rate: $9.60 (net only) per column inch. Minimum size is one column by 2 inches.

National Contract Rates, Bulk Rates (net only)

* 200-360" per year $9.75

* 361-600" per year $9.25

* 601-960" per year $8.75

* 961-1350" per year $8.25

* 1351-1799" per year $7.75

* 1800" and up per year $7.25

Classified Display

$10.50 per column inch (net only)

Classified Display ad maximum size: 1 column width x 7 inches heightClassified Display ad minimum siza: 1 column width x 2 inches height


* $45.00 per thousand reprinted inserts, net.

* 8,000 minimum

Inserts must be delivered five working days (Monday-Friday) prior to distribution to: The Athens Messenger, Rt. 33N. & Johnson Rd., Athens Ohio 45701. Rates available for inserts typeset, printed and inserted by The Post.

Multiple Insertions

The following discounts will apply to the same advertisement (No copy or art charges) run in succession during a one week period:

1. First Insertion: net rate

2. Second Insertion: 5% off first ad rate

3. Third Insertion: 10% off first ad rate

4. Fourth Insertion: 10% off first ad rate

5. Fifth Insertion: 10% off first ad rate

Graphics and Typesetting Services

Free state of the art graphic services are available. All services are overseen by a full-time graphic professional.

Special Charges

* Reverse & Tints: (charge for initial run) $10.00

* Spot color: $50.00

* Process color: $100.00

Mechanical Requirements

6-column broadsheet format, 21" page depth. Column widths are as follows:

* 1 column: 1.75"

* 2 columns: 3.625"

* 3 columns: 5 .50"

* 4 columns: 7.375"

* 5 columns: 9.25"

* 6 columns 11.125"

* Full Page 11.125" x 21"

E-mailing Advertisements

The Post accepts PDF files, with all fonts and artwork embedded. Color must be pre-adjusted. E-mail advertisements must be camera ready to exact mechanical requirements of The Post. The Post does not alter e-mail advertisements. Send E-mails to:


* Monday: 4:30 p.m. on previous Thursday

* Tuesday: 4:30 p.m. on previous Thursday

* Wednesday: 4:30 p.m. on previous Monday

* Thursday: 4:30 p.m. on previous Tuesday

* Friday: 4:30 p.m. on previous Wednesday

Any advertising that needs extensive camera work must be in four days prior to publication date.

Classified Advertising

Deadline: 4 p.m. one working day prior to publication. Business rate: first 10 words $3.75, Additional words $.10 per word.

Billing/Credit Policies

Invoices are mailed monthly, with a 5 percent cash discount for full payment received within 10 days of invoice date. Terms: 5/10; net 30.

Balances outstanding after 30 days will be considered delinquent. Any advertiser with balances older than 90 days will not be permitted to advertise until the entire balance has been paid. Balances older than 120 days will be turned over to the Ohio Attorney Generals Office for collection.

Credit allowances of errors must be secured within 14 days of insertion date. Challenges or cancellations for any reason will not be accepted after that time and payment in full would be expected.

Prepayment with copy is required of all advertisers who have not advertised with The Post within the previous six months.

Out-of-town advertising is payable in advance.

Online Advertising

Our Web site contains all the content in the day's print edition, plus breaking news and Web-only exclusives. Students, alumni, university employees, county residents and others make up the tens of thousands of unique visitors to our site each month. We can display text links and banner ads. For more information, contact or call (740) 593-4010.

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