Bands ditch bars for low-key tunes in living rooms

A live show often inspires images of a stage, a crowded bar and a full band. Adam Remnant of Southeast Engine and Jerry DeCicca of The Black Swans, however, decided to put the bar scene to rest for a while, opting instead for living rooms.

“At a bar or venues like that, there’s so much other stuff going on. People are talking and the music just kind of becomes the soundtrack in the background,” DeCicca said. “In living room shows, the focus is really on the music. People are quieter, we sell more records, we get a chance to talk with people more, and I like all of that.”

DeCicca said he feels the music scene swaying more in the direction of low-key shows, especially for people who want to go out and truly listen to the music.

“We live in a loud world where we are constantly bombarded with noise and it’s hard to make sense of it all. I think that’s why people like these smaller, more low-key shows,” he said. “It isn’t just another night out.”

Remnant and DeCicca have performed together in the past with their bands Southeast Engine and The Black Swans, respectively. The bands’ management, Misra Records, originally proposed the idea for the two to go on a living room tour.

“(The Black Swans) were on tour in the northeast recently and we did a lot of these smaller shows. The people who come out to those shows are really there for the music; it’s great,” DeCicca said.

Remnant and DeCicca will make their way through Athens Wednesday, July 20, and tickets are still available online at DeCicca said he is excited to return to Athens, where he’s played several times before.

“Athens really is one of my favorite cities. There’s good people, good music, it’s great,” he said. “It’ll also be nice because I know there will be people who listen to The Black Swans and have our albums, so I’m sure when I’m there I’ll be taking requests more than at our other shows.”

DeCicca and Remnant will be playing solo acoustic versions of their bands’ music and will mostly be playing separate. DeCicca, however, said he thinks he and Remnant will plan something together once they are on the road.

“Adam and I haven’t really put anything together to play together yet, but I think by the time we hit Athens we will. I haven’t seen him in about a year, but I have a good feeling when I see him we’ll get some ideas,” DeCicca said.


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