BedPost: From loads of sex to sex overloads

From loads of sex to sex overloads

Just wondering if there's such a thing as having "too much sex" with your boyfriend? Can it take away from the more important aspects of a relationship?

— King-sized Libido

Alex Bill

“Too much sex” eh? Sounds like you have a case of schizo-sexo-dino-phreno-libido-tosis.

While the American Psychological Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders, Volume Fourdoes not specifically recognize sex addiction as a mental illness, such a label could be used to describe an individual who compulsively and repeatedly engages in sexual acts to an extent that interferes with other areas of life or becomes dangerous to his/her health or the health of others. Such a person may also exhibit “addiction-like” characteristics or appear obsessed with sex in a way that impairs daily life.

So king-sized, are you still turning in all your homework? Are your grades still high enough to post on the refrigerator? Lost any friends? Job? If these areas of your life are still going as strongly as your sex life, you have nothing to worry about. So go hop in the bed with your BF and celebrate, safely.

You do call this libido-crazed partner of yours a “boyfriend,” not a friend-with-benefits, not a boy-toy. If the two of you only interact mid-coitus then you may need to re-evaluate the context of your relationship.

With that in mind, I don’t know what the “more important aspects of (your) relationship” are. You do. If sex is one of them — which it certainly seems to be — then you should continue to make time for it (a lot of time.) If your sex-a-lot lifestyle is keeping you from enjoying other activities with your significant other — other activities that you value — then you should have a talk with your boo, take a cold shower and go outside.

This all boils down to impairment and happiness. If your sex life is not getting in the way of anything else important and you are happy with your relationship, then keep it up, and wash your sheets.

Alex Bill is a junior studying Psychology and Criminology.


Steph Doan

Different locales and floods of sensation make sex sizzle: it’s jumping from the frying pan to the cooling rack that takes cooking skills in the bedroom.

Set the whip cream down for a second and look around.

If all the right ingredients are still there then you’re safe from relationship disaster, but too much sugar and not enough yeast makes for flat cookies and relationships.


It’s true that it takes more than a hot physique and quick moves to build lasting memories. Looking back on your relationship, it’s more likely you pull out old photos from spontaneous road trips than late night sexcapades — barring this relationship exists outside the pornography industry.

As long as you’re still watching bad movies, sharing little secrets, meeting intimidating parents, holding cold hands and giving bear hugs: these are the moments we keep as memories.

Girls share sex stories as much as guys do, but it’s with a different butterfly-educing tone we spill about his spontaneous purchase of a dozen long stem roses.

There’s a difference between too much sex and just sex.

Enjoy pleasing each other as much as you want ‑ or can because sex is great – but make sure your partner is as there for you at 1 p.m. the next day as he was at 1 a.m. last night.

Steph Doan is a junior studying journalism. Send her your burning sex questions at

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