Bobcat Book Club opens new chapters for readers

Monique Williamson at Emeriti Park. Williamson, president of the OU Book Club for two years, has read 400 books since high school (Jason Chow | Staff Photographer)

Avid readers get more out of the Bobcat Book Club than just new reads.

Monique Williamson, a senior studying psychology, started the club in the fall of 2010 because of her love for books and for the social interaction.

“It gives people a nice, simple way to connect to other people,” she said.

Williamson admits the book club has provided connections with readers she might not have otherwise met. Danni King, vice president of the club and a senior studying English and art, agreed that it has attracted some characters.

“They are all kind of wacky, but we love them,” King said.

King helped Williamson start the club after discussing it for some time. Initially, they wanted it to be a Jane Austen book club but decided a more traditional club would generate more interest and have greater longevity.

The club reads one book, of varying styles and genres, per month and meets every other week for discussions.

The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold, and Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore are a few books the club has completed.

To select books, members submit options with a short synopsis and argument for its consideration.

Members then participate in two rounds of voting. In the first round, each member casts two votes, to narrow the number of books. Then, everyone casts another vote, determining the book to be read.

Once chosen, Williamson orders copies at Little Professor Book Center, 65 S. Court St.

Joining is free, but members are responsible for buying their own books. Not everyone always likes the chosen books, though.

“I love the mixed reviews because that means we are picking the right books,” Williamson said.

Bridget Ruffley, a senior studying playwriting and treasurer of the Bobcat Book Club, enjoys discussing with other members what they’re reading.

“We read things I normally wouldn’t read,” Ruffley said. “It’s fun to hear others’ opinions.”

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