Clippinger Labs evacuated after two students pass out in class

Students wait outside Clippinger Laboratories. The building was evacuated around 3:30 Tuesday after two students passed out for unknown reasons. (Jim Ryan | Assistant Managing Editor)

The building reopened at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and classes resumed normal functioning, according to OU's website.

Officials have not yet stated why Clippinger was closed.


Ohio University is warning people to stay away from the Clippinger Laboratories area, according to the university's website. 

University Terrace has also been closed to traffic near Clippinger, according to the website. 


Clippinger Laboratories was evacuated Tuesday around 3:15 p.m. after two female students passed out for unknown reasons.

“It more or less just happened,” said Kyle McQuaid, who was the teaching assistant for the class where the students passed out. “They’re checking the air and the building’s been locked down.”

Athens First Department was dispatched to the scene at 3:23, according to the dispatch tape. 

The first student passed out and hit her head, said freshman Steven Kriaris, who said he was in chemistry class when the girls fainted. While she was being escorted out of the classroom, another student helping her collapsed in the doorway, Kriaris said.

Alarms were still ringing at 4 p.m., keeping students and faculty out of the building.

A second student soon after said she was feeling sick and was had to be helped out of the classroom by another student, Kriaris said.

“I think it was just the heat,” said freshman Anna Michael.

Athens Fire Department was not immediately available for comment.

Ohio University spokeswoman Katie Quaranta said OU currently has no information about the incident.


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