Commissioner candidate will respect county

I am pleased to support Democrat Chris Chmiel for Athens County Commissioner.

I have worked with Chris for a number of years on the committee that produces the Pawpaw Festival. He is personable, approachable and kind. He asks for and utilizes others’ input and feedback. He respects our time by managing our meetings well, starting and ending on time and working from an agenda. He does not micromanage, but he does check in to make sure that things are being done in a timely fashion. He follows through on everything that he says he will do, either by delegating the job or seeing to it himself. He rolls up his sleeves and works harder than anyone else.

Chris’ approach to his work on the Pawpaw Festival is only a snapshot of the man in action. Like anyone, his personal ethic informs the decisions he makes. With his wife, Michelle, he is a good steward of his own land, has built a sustainable home, farm and business and is raising inquisitive, healthy children. Because of this, I envision him to be a county leader who will make decisions with the utmost respect for the people of Athens County.

I have already marked my absentee ballot with a vote for Chris. If you are not voting early, please make sure you go to the polls on March 6 to cast your ballot for Chris Chmiel for Athens County Commissioner.


Amanda Buchanan resides in Athens.

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