Daily pick: Losing Your Laptop

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Don't get me wrong, it sucks that my Hello-Kitty sticker-covered laptop disappeared from my sorority house basement two weeks ago -- and is yet to be recovered. But luckily, despite my neglectful habit of leaving things laying around, my parents chose to surprise me last Saturday with a new Macbook Air.

This new joy, along with my recent loss, has actually slid the eraser over my ever-cluttered life.

I lost all of the documents containing writing I'd always said I'd finish, but instead hung as a guilty never-to-do list in the back of my mind. I lost pictures with old boyfriends that gave a fake glance into bad relationships I'd rather forget.

And I lost a schizophrenic iTunes compilation created from years and years of trying to figure-out who I am based off what genre I listen to that month. My old Safari still remembered my Myspace account, blogs I'll never return to and saved pages of things to buy, to see or to apply for.

I know I'll start backing-up documents on my new computer, however losing the old one took the "to" away from to-do -- refreshing my opportunity of "do"-ing anything with my new laptop.

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