Dancers take leap of faith in concert

Two Ohio University dance students learned to trust each other for tonight's Winter Dance Concert.

In a piece choreographed by Travis Gatling, an associate professor in the School of Dance, Eric Hill lifts Steven Evans in a modern dance duet set against an apocalyptic backdrop. Until now, Evans has always been the one lifting another dancer.

There has to be a level of trust established because you're trusting that person with your body ... and you trust that they're not going to drop you and you break something and end your career

said Hill, a junior studying dance.

Gatling's work is one of six original pieces in the school's annual Winter Dance Concert at 7:30 tonight and tomorrow in Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium. Faculty and staff members Zelma Badu-Younge, John Bohuslawsky, Adriana Durant and Mickie Geller and guest artist Kun-Yang Lin will also contribute. Students will perform Noumenon, a historical re-creation first staged by Alwin Nikolais in 1953.

Evans, a freshman studying dance and education, and Hill are among 11 students in Gatling's piece, which was inspired by media images that glamorize the apocalypse.

I started noticing the movies that are coming out: Avatar

The Book of Eli
Legion and Terminator: Salvation ... and at the same time I happened to be looking through a fashion magazine ... You have these sexy models in these really unique designs
but in the background you saw just remnants of the world as it was at one time
Gatling said.<BR><BR>Gatling's piece features aggressive movement as the dancers race toward the audience in solos, duets and trios.<BR><BR>Travis (Gatling) set up the gist of everything
but never gave any of us a story line
just movement
and that movement translated into the apocalyptic chic. We all created our own story for the characters
Evans said.<BR><BR>Evans added that he and Hill constructed their dance as two brothers or close friends dealing with the chaos of the end of the world. The piece combines technical modern dance and more theatrical elements. <BR><BR>A lot of times at the school it's more about the idea of the motion than the actual motion
Hill said. I get to kick my leg high
do lots of turns and be fierce

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