Fox News CEO to visit OU, speak

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In a Spring Quarter seeded with visits from nationally prominent figures, the CEO of FOX News will keep the ball rolling with a late May visit.

Roger Ailes, a 1962 Ohio University alumnus will speak at his alma mater at 7:30 p.m. on May 21 as part of the George Washington Forum on American Ideas, Politics and Institutions.

After graduating from OU, Ailes worked in broadcast media, advised Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush’s presidential campaigns and served as the president of CNBC. He began work at FOX News in 1996, according to the forum’s website.

Further details on the visit have yet to be confirmed, said Robert Ingram, an associate professor of history and director of the George Washington Forum.

“As for the precise subject on which he will speak, that's not yet set in stone, but it will likely have something to do with the history and purposes of FOX News and the place he sees it playing in American political life,” Ingram said in a statement.

The George Washington Forum has hosted a variety of different conferences and speakers during the 2011 – 2012 school year, including Amity Shlaes, from the Council on Foreign Relations; Hadley Arkes, the Ney Professor of American Institutions at Amherst College; and others.

“I invited him to present to the Forum because I thought his visit might spark a good discussion about free speech and the media,” Ingram said. “Ailes is perhaps the most influential newsman in America today, while OU has a first-rate school of journalism.”


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