International ’Cats can share love at Valentine’s party

Qi Qiao Jie in China, Dias dos Namorados in Brazil and Valentine’s Day in America — nearly every country has its own traditions to celebrate love.

With this in mind, the Association for Cultural Exchange is hosting a Valentine’s Day party with an international twist.

The event’s purpose is to get people of different backgrounds together so they can learn more about each other. They’ll do this as they make valentines, eat snacks and talk to each other about how each culture celebrates love through different holidays.

“We put as many chairs around as we can and spread out all of these supplies that we have to encourage people to sit with others besides their friends,” said Sammy Smith, ACE president and a senior studying communication.

Some of the people planning on attending the event are international students currently dating someone who lives out of the country.

Though many international students can be more conservative when it comes to openly talking about relationships, some American couples are more than willing to share intimate details.

Any student in a long-distance relationship will tell you that the key to making it last is communication. With the world becoming more wired, it’s easier than ever for students to keep in touch and make relationships work regardless of distance.

“A lot of people will tell you it won’t work,” said Courtney Moeller, a student in a long-distance relationship and a freshman studying athletic training. “But in the end if you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it work.”

Communication doesn’t have to stop at a national level, however. For many of the international students dating people outside of the United States, communicating is what allows their relationship to flourish despite the distance.

ACE hopes to promote communication on a more local level between international and American students through its multicultural Valentine’s party.

“As Americans, we don’t necessarily think we have a unique or exotic culture,” said Maddy Hayes, a member of ACE and a freshman studying global studies, “but here you get to share your own culture and see it through their eyes. Plus, you get to make a lot of international friends.”

This is the first year that any extra valentines made at the event will be delivered to Kimes Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.


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