MFA student explores computer hacking in new film

Jeremy Zerechak, a first-year MFA School of Film student, started to make a career for himself with his first feature film, Land of Confusion, in 2008.

Depicting the transition members of the Pennsylvania National Guard Unit make from citizens to full-time combat soldiers, the documentary has won awards in both the Atlanta Jury Film Festival and Florida Film Festival.

After going on to work on major motion pictures including My Bloody Valentine, Blue Valentine, Abduction, and Love and Other Drugs, Zerechak has now created his second documentary, Code 2600.

The documentary, which is “a no-holds-barred look at the ramifications of the Information Technology,” according to the press release, demonstrates the rise and impact technology has within maintaining our rights of security and privacy.
“How we handle technology now will affect how we and our future generations will live,” Zerechak said.

Already gaining high praise, the film has been selected into the CineQuest Film Festival in San Jose, Cal. Considered one of the country’s top film festivals, the 12-day event features artists and technologists from 44 different countries from Feb. 28 through March 11.

“CineQuest (is) a leading edge organization that, for over twenty years, has successfully integrated creativity and technological innovation to empower, transform and improve the lives of people and communities,” according to the CineQuest website.

“It’s a great festival and being in the heart to Silicon Valley, it is very appropriate for our world premiere given our subject matter,” Zerechak said.

Zerechak was inspired to make the film following a visit with a former computer hacker on a trip to LA. After communication sparked, the hacker began to explain to him the history of computer hacking, something that Zerechak found completely fascinating and felt needed to be told in a cinematic way.

Zerechak said he hopes that, much like his last film, Code 2600 will be met with high praise when it is featured at the festival and continue to promote him as a filmmaker.

“I figure having two creditable feature films under my belt this early in my career should reflect positively on me as an up-and-coming filmmaker,” Zerechak said.
Zerechak will continue to stay busy in his studies and filmmaking career. He has already begun making his next documentary about a former business-banking tycoon who has been struggling with a terminal illness.

“I’m always working or thinking about what’s next,” Zerechak said. “I like to keep my back-burners full.”

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