Permanent Third Wheel: Single ladies' stereotypes rooted far from reality

a la Mean Girls.

When people enter relationships, they sometimes lose track of reality.

It's like the very minute girls become girlfriends or boys transform into boyfriends, they forget who they were before meeting their own Pied Piper of love. Suddenly, every single person in the world must own a gaggle of cats, believe in radical feminism or simply be fugly

a la <i>Mean Girls</i>. <BR><BR>Forget the fact they were not any of those things when they were single. That time before their significant other, which I like to refer to as before Crush or B.C. (not to be confused with before Christ), simply doesn't exist. For those of you who forget these dark days, let's set the record straight.<BR><BR><b>The Crazy Cat Woman Stereotype</b>:<BR><BR>Oh
you're single? Then how many cats do you have?<BR><BR>Logistically, owning cats while attending college just doesn't make sense. Not only are most OU students too broke to provide for an animal, but they don't have time.<BR><BR>Then, there is the whole issue with space. I don't know about anyone else, but I can barely fit my own possessions in my room, let alone 15 fluffy balls of fur. The only real benefit to a room full of cats is that I wouldn't need any blankets at night because the cats could provide warmth.<BR><BR>However, because I have no interest in waking up with fleas, a fur ball or the smell of cat litter, I am going to pass on the whole owner of a gaggle of cats thing.<BR><BR>Of course, it has nothing to do with that one time I faced off a feline and locked myself in the bathroom crying in horror with the cat hissing at the door. <BR><BR><b>The Crazy Feminist Stereotype</b>:<BR><BR>She turned me down for a date
she must be a crazy feminist.<BR><BR>I'm going to say it, everybody, so don't freak out.<BR><BR>I, Jane Ellen Adams, am a feminist.<BR><BR>Guess what else? I shave my legs and armpits. I wear makeup and am obsessed with dresses. I don't even bite the heads off Ken dolls. You know why I don't do those things? Because that stuff is nothing but lies, falsifications and exaggerations. Feminists aren't crazy bra-burners or boy-bashers; they are just women who want equal rights. <BR><BR>There are plenty of quality men out there who have discovered how awesome feminist women are. I mean, isn't it super-cool I can read AND write? I also can do long division, color inside the lines, recite the Pledge of Allegiance and accomplish anything a man can do. Plus, I look good doing it! <BR><BR>Being single isn't a direct correlation to man-bashing feminism. It just means she recognizes her abilities to do equal work and likes men who recognize those abilities.<BR><BR><b>The Fugly Stereotype</b>:<BR><BR>If she doesn't have a boyfriend then she must be fat and ugly
right?<BR><BR>Just because we don't have boyfriends, doesn't mean we can't get boyfriends. Now, I'll admit, I made it pretty obvious men don't knock down my door. I receive propositions, only the men mostly are either stalkers, weirdoes or imaginary dream scenarios that disappear when I open my eyes.<BR><BR>There are plenty of gorgeous, funny, wonderful women (and men) who are single not because they have a strange skin condition or look like Chucky. They are single because they want to be.<BR><BR>Relationships have nothing to do with the way you look, anyway. As I stated before, I know plenty of pretty people who are single; but, I also know plenty of not-so-pretty people who date. It is not how you look, but how lucky you are when meeting the right person.<BR><BR>Anyway, that's all for today. I had better wrap this up to get all my cats together and head to that bra burning. Now, where did I put those 22 cat leashes?<BR><BR><b>Jane Adams is a junior studying journalism and columnist for <i>The Post</i>. Send her your own single stereotypes at</b><BR><BR>
Jane Adams

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