A polyamory club is coming to Athens, thanks to some OU students

Editor’s Note: Jasper Jones has been identified by a nickname in this story to protect her identity.

For many, juggling school, work and romantic relationships can be daunting. But, others may have more on their plate in the romance department.

Millions of people are living a polyamorous lifestyle. Although polyamory doesn’t have a set definition, and there is no “right way” to be polyamorous, it generally means being romantically attracted or involved with more than one person at a time. This can mean multiple people involved in one relationship, or a relationship with two people both dating others.

Because of the general sense of silence surrounding polyamory, a group of Ohio University students are getting together to start The Southeast Ohio Community of Alternative Relationships (CAR), a club for people who associate with a non-monogamous lifestyle. An upcoming potluck is being held to unite people with this common link.

“It started because there was a polyamory convention in Columbus a couple months ago,” said Jasper Jones, leader of CAR and a sophomore studying economics. “I got a group of people together to go up to it. At the convention we decided that there needed to be a group here in Athens.”

Many may wonder how exactly someone could love multiple people at one time. Another member of CAR, Jason-Jasmine Armstrong, a senior studying American Sign Language interpretation, mentions that it isn’t that difficult.
“If you have siblings, regardless if you have one or if you have 13, you can love each and every one of them to infinity and beyond,” Armstrong said.
There is also a common misconception among the general public that polyamory and open relationships are the same thing.

Polyamory is a lifestyle in which multiple partners are committed to each other. An open relationship entails that two people may or may not be committed to each other and both of them can openly have sex with people outside the relationship.

A polyamorous relationship can involve individuals from any sexual orientation.
Despite this difference, people from open relationships are also welcome to come to the club’s potluck. Jones mentioned that anyone in any type of consensual non-monogamous relationship may attend.

Delfin Bautista, director of the LGBT Center, said a SafeZone event specifically geared towards all non-monogamous relationships is also being planned to clear up any misconceptions about these types of partnerships.

“We don’t want to just be limited to those four letters; LGBT,” Bautista said. “Our goal is to use SafeZone to raise awareness that there are a lot of misconceptions and even prejudices from people not in non-monogamous relationships.”

The potluck will be held Saturday at 5 p.m. More information regarding location of the event can be found on the CAR website through the contact link.

“There are many different ways to love,” Jones said. “I think they’re all beautiful.”



If You Go:

WHAT: Polyamory potluck
WHEN: 5 p.m., Saturday
WHERE: Visit Southeast Ohio Community of Alternative Relationships for location
Admission: Free

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This is Jason-Jasmine! If

This is Jason-Jasmine! If you'd like more information on CAR, and more specifically, on the Potluck, check out our website:


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