Post Letter: I know you want to, but don’t play ‘Blurred Lines’

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Dear Marching 110:

First of all, you are awesome. You are one of the things about Ohio University that your fellow Bobcats love to brag about and you are the only reason I have ever attended an OU football game. But it’s because I love you that I am so disappointed in reports that you have been practicing and presumably will be performing Robin Thicke’s  “Blurred Lines.”

The song explicitly states that consent is a “blurred line,” and it is this mentality that contributes to the fact that one in four women at OU will be raped during her time here.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

I hate these blurred lines
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
But you’re a good girl
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty

Let’s be clear- there is nothing “blurry” about real, enthusiastic consent. If a woman REALLY does want to have sex with you, she’ll let you know. I promise.  Don’t presume that you can “know” someone wants sex, and that her no stems from her being a “good girl” rather than a lack of desire to have sex with you.
Your apparent telepathy is not a substitute for verbal consent to have sex.
Dancing with someone is not a substitute for verbal consent to have sex.
The only real consent is freely given and enthusiastic — it is never the result of assumptions, pressure or force.

Marching 110, please don’t further perpetuate rape culture at OU by playing this triggering, sexist and demeaning piece of drivel. You are so much better than that.

Allie Erwin is a senior studying political science and serves as OU’s Honors Tutorial College student senator.


'Blurred Lines'

Allie, I realize that your intentions are in good faith in writing this article, and can agree with many points you have made.


However, the 110 has a proud reputation of being upstanding members of the OU community and in no way, shape, or form condone violence against women. The marching band prides itself on its driving style, dance moves, and precision in music and on the field. That is it! You may question the choice of one musical selection (out of around 25 or so NEW songs this year) for this half-time show, but there is only one goal every time the band steps onto the field: ENTERTAIN. The Most Exciting Band In The Land does not take political views, stances, platforms (or whatever you would like to call it) and they play and march their butts off in order to get a chance to brighten other's lives. And, unfortunately, the band does not take requests from the crowd...please do not put the hard-working band members down for a song that one, will be played by instruments (not sung aloud), two, has been chosen by the director, and three, for following directions TO A TEE and fulfilling what is expected of them each week, like it or not!!


This does not mean the ends outwiegh the means in any circumstance, but having been a member of the band I know how much work and devotion it takes to be in a college band, let alone the OU Marching 110. I fully support Dr. Suk and his direction of the band as well as the band staff in charge of making the 110 as great as it can be. It is without a doubt that the band is one of the greatest ambassadors that this university has to offer, and I would venture to guess that, yes, even the ladies are very much looking forward to blowing away the crowd with 'Blurred Lines' this Saturday.


I do agree with your general argument. Violence towards women is completely unacceptable and a tragedy every time it happens, but to suggest that the problem will be solved or perpetuated within one band's halftime show is unrealistic.


The song in question contains what can be 'understood' as controversial lyrics, and can be 'understood' differently by many different people. It is understood clearly that you do not approve of this decision, I hope that after Saturday you will realize that this is a political argument brought into a non-political arena. Anyhow, the 110 will most likely blow Robin Thicke's version out of anyones mind to begin with, using their musicality and passion-not controversial lyrics.


As for "Marching 110, please don’t further perpetuate rape culture at OU by playing this triggering, sexist and demeaning piece of drivel. You are so much better than that. "


Again, suggesting that the band will play a part to perpetuate rape culture at OU is ridiculous. I had a good time while in band. We were edgy, exciting, and even sexy when we needed to be! However, if you look back in time, the band has often recieved criticism throughout the years because it's 'hip thrusting' and 'rock and roll/pop music' were too "triggering, sexist, and demeaning." Whether you think that it is, or isn't, the band will continue to be among the top bands (better than the best ever) in the nation-doing what they do best.


Looking forward to Saturday,



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