Post Letter: Maiden’s communication skills better for county

News Section:

I cannot express how enthused I was when I learned Jeff Maiden was running for Athens County Engineer. I have long felt Jeff’s knowledge of engineering would fit this county well.

I can remember when I was affected by the new FEMA flood mapping; I tried to talk to the local officials, the county officials and was basically ignored — no answers. 

Finally someone told me to contact Jeff and see what he thought. After a few conversations and diligent work by him and his staff, they proved to FEMA that the new map was incorrect, and I was removed from the flood zone, saving me thousands of dollars. 

I cannot commend Jeff enough for not only saving me the money but for his willingness to sit down with me, explaining the processes, etc.

I have always struggled with why the county couldn’t help me more or at least communicate more.

When I place my vote for Maiden for engineer, it’s not just about Jeff being an engineer — it’s about him being an engineer that will communicate and help the constituent base of Athens County.

It’s time for change. It’s time for communication. It’s time to vote Maiden!

Michael Elliott resides in Butchel.

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