Post Letter: Morris can retain small-town charm, businesses

Given the current state of the economy, it is crucial that we have leaders who put job creation as one of their top priorities. In the city of Athens, however, our current elected officials merely pay lip service to this issue. Small business owners need a leader who supports their efforts to grow and succeed.

Randy Morris understands the importance of small businesses. Through his work in the business incubation industry, he knows that small businesses fuel the majority of American employment growth. We need a mayor who will work to create jobs in the city and be a positive partner with local small-business owners.

Job creation and growth in Athens will mean higher employment levels, reduced numbers of our fellow citizens living in poverty and more revenue flowing into the city treasury.

This can result in an improvement of city services across the board, including an enhanced street maintenance program. In such a scenario everyone wins.

There’s no reason Athens can’t maintain its small-town charm while supporting successful small businesses. Randy Morris is a man whose leadership will show this restrained and balanced approach.

In addition to his more than five years of service working at the National Business Incubation Association, which is headquartered here in Athens, Morris is a retired United States Air Force officer.

In his final postings before retiring he served as director of ROTC programs both at Ohio University and at the University of California, Berkeley. It’s interesting to note that one of our best past mayors, Donald Barrett, was also a former head of OU Air Force ROTC who decided to retire here in Athens.   

Vote for Randy Morris for Athens Mayor and help our community thrive.

Carl Jón and Hannah Jane Denbow reside in Athens.

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