Post Letter: State’s funding plan will devalue degrees

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I was disappointed reading The Post’s recent editorial, “Quality, not quantity,” that supports the move by Governor Kasich and university presidents to change the way funding is allocated to state universities. The ironically titled editorial supports a proposal that would restructure the State Share of Instruction formula, in a way that would favor universities with higher graduation rates rather than enrollment. If this formula is adopted, we will certainly see an increase in the quantity of degrees being pumped out, but students will suffer from an overall decrease in the quality of their education.

In his email to students, President McDavis stated that, “Governor Kasich has rightfully articulated the need for higher education to focus on degree attainment,” which indicates that Kasich is more concerned about turning universities into degree mills, rather than providing students a quality education. Inevitably, this funding model will lead the university administration to encourage grade inflation in order to ensure that students are graduating from the school. Instead of providing students with a quality education, universities will be forced to focus on getting students in and out as quickly as possible.

At the same time, funding from the state going to higher education is being reduced, and tuition costs continue to soar. We should not allow the university and the state to get away with simultaneously devaluing our degrees and charging us massive amounts of tuition. While it is possible that Ohio University will benefit monetarily in the short run, this proposal will only serve to diminish the value of education in Ohio.

Matthew Farmer is a junior studying political science.


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