Science on Screen Goes Beyond the Sea with Hunt for Red October

For their next Science on Screen event, the Athena Cinema plans on sailing into victory.

In association with Arts for Ohio and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the theater is continuing their “Science on Screen” event series with The Hunt for Red October on Thursday.

“We’re showing (the film) because we wanted to go in a different direction,” said Alexandra Kamody, managing director of the Athena Cinema. “We’re hoping to attract a different audience and bring in people that don’t usually come to our theater.”

The screening will also feature a discussion from Dr. David Bayless, professor of mechanical engineering and former U.S. Navy officer. During this event, he will discuss the film’s authenticity, his experiences in the Navy along with submarines, sonar, finding your way under water and nuclear propulsion works on a submarine.

“Some of it was spot on, but some parts were pretty wild,” Bayless said. “But that makes for a great story. Let’s just say from what I remember, Tom Clancy got a lot of details correct. But no 2nd class petty officer sonar-man ever ran a J-boat.”

While the theater considered multiple films, including other submarine films like Das Boot, the decision for The Hunt for Red October came from Bayless himself. Loving the film, Kamody knew that Bayless would provide an entertaining discussion through his passion of the film, background and experiences.

“We knew the best way to do this would be to pick a movie that the speaker loved so much,” Kamody said. “No matter what, the speech is going to be fun and interesting.”

This screening is the second of four planned for this year. The first, Idiocracy, played last October. In March, the series will continue with Small, Beautifully Moving Parts, co-written and co-directed by Ohio University professor, Annie Howell, followed by the Academy-Award nominated documentary Chasing Ice in April.

Among the topics brought up in the discussion, the main thing Bayless hopes audiences take away from the screening, besides watching “a cool movie,” would be to learn more about the silent service in making America secure, for “it’s not trivial.”

“The goal for these screenings is to bring to light STEM curriculums in a broad and engaging forum,” said Maureen Wagner, project director for Arts for Ohio. “I hope to see people who like movies and are curious about the world we live in join in the conversation.”

If You Go:
What: Science on Screen: The Hunt for Red October

When: February 21, 6 p.m.

Where: Athena Cinema

Admission: Free

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