Semester Switch: Scheduling software lessens estimated cost of changeover

Owing to software that simplifies schedule conversions, a transition to semesters could cost more than $1 million less than a 2007 estimate.

John Day, associate provost for the academic budget, said the savings stem from implementing DARS/TA, scheduling software that will largely automate the conversion of academic credit hours. This automation, he said, will cut registrar conversion costs by about $1.5 million, but will still cost $114,000 in personnel.

According to a preliminary budget report that the transition team has yet to discuss, the total out-of-pocket costs of the switch will be $2 million, spread out over the four-year transition.

This number is $1.3 million less than the $3.3 million projection made by a 2007 committee that was commissioned by the university to analyze the potential costs and benefits of a system conversion. In addition to out-of-pocket expenses, the committee studied opportunity costs, including a short-term drop in enrollment.

Day said that, though OU had already purchased the license to this software

the 2007 committee ' for which he provided some budget analysis ' did not consider the potential savings. -

lots of people thought about it very carefully
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he said.<br /><br /> I am not comfortable that it is as cheap as they're making it out to be
Frank Thomas

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