Student Help Center is the new hub for Q2S questions

Students already seeking help about next year’s Quarters-to-Semesters transition now have a place to receive answers.

Starting today, the Allen Student Help Center, located in Baker University Center 419, is the new Q2S information center for all questions and help regarding the transition.

The office of OU’s Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit recruited the assistance of the center, which receives more than 6,000 calls and visits every year, said Jenny Klein, the center’s director.

The provost’s office was looking for an office to take calls and could depend on to help find answers,” she said.

The Allen Student Help Center is different from the Academic Advancement Center, which offers academic assistance such as tutoring and study skills.

“We work the way a guidance office should be,” Klein said.

To promote its new services, representatives from the center will be attending the Q2S fair Oct. 5 and have added information to their bookmarks that are handed out and posted around campus.

Klein said she believes students will be looking for help with the transition, depending on where they are in the process.

 “As long as [students] consider the transition early enough with the help of an academic advisor, they should be able to make good decisions to make it a smooth transition,” she said.

The center has three full-time employees and seven graduate students.

In addition, the center will be hiring Alex Buckley, who has worked part-time with Bobcat Student Orientation, from November of this year until December 2012.

Linda Lockhart, manager of communication for the Q2S transition, said she was happy the center was chosen as a place to have Q2S questions answered.

“It’s a central place where students are used to being able to go for help,” she said.

The center specializes in providing guidance to anyone who feels uncertain about where they stand academically, Klein said.

Although the center encourages walk-ins, appointments are preferable during advising times each quarter, Klein said.

Klein said she believes it will be a slow start for Q2S advising.

“There are not a lot of people with burning questions at the moment,” she said.

Questions sent to or submitted on the website will be answered by the center.

The center will find the answer from the appropriate person and share it internally as well as on the FAQ page, Lockhart said.

“We wanted one central location for students to know where to get answers,” said Jeff Giesey, co-director of the quarters-to-semesters transition. 

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