Student orientation on semesters projected to require few changes

On Monday, Ohio University's first class to study entirely on semesters will attend student orientation.

The incoming freshman class of 2016 will attend Bobcat Student Orientation from July 16 to August 4 to receive advice and counseling on courses and interact with faculty and peers during the program, officials said.

Students will be assisted by forty-five orientation leaders that will help students schedule for classes, answer questions regarding campus life and give groups tours of the campus, said Jenny Klein, director of orientation programs.

Though this will be the first orientation under semesters, only slight modifications to the program are expected, including differences in scheduling courses, Klein said.

The fee for the program, which is $79 for one non-student a night, has not changed since 2008, Klein added.

“We work very hard to keep costs low while providing an excellent experience for students and parents,” Klein said.

Approaching students and parents is essential for the orientation’s success and to make everyone feel more integrated to the campus, said Ryan Lombardi, interim vice president fpr student affairs, in an email.

“I always look forward to Bobcat Student Orientation as it represents the new energy and class of students coming to Ohio University,” Lombardi said. “I appreciate spending time with them over the two days they are here. I encourage them to enjoy their first overnight at their new home.”

Students will stay a night in a residence hall and eat in either Boyd or Shively dining hall, according to the orientation schedule.

“I enjoy Bobcat Student Orientation because it breathes life into the campus,” Hall-Jones said. “That energy is contagious.”

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