Student Senate Elections: Office deems 12 candidates ineligible for election

Following a review of their candidate applications, the FACE and RSVP tickets have gotten a little lighter.

The Dean of Students’ office yesterday released a list of eligible candidates for the May Student Senate elections, showing that 12 applicants are ineligible to run.

Of the 34 FACE candidates, nine were disqualified. RSVP lost three members from its 34-candidate ticket.

Applicants can be disqualified for a few different reasons: invalid signatures, a misreported GPA, a low GPA or outstanding Class A judiciaries offenses, said Board of Elections Chairman Chauncey Jackson.

Candidates must have a 2.0 GPA or higher, but the Board of Elections can disqualify a candidate if he or she reports that his or her GPA is more than 0.2 points higher or lower than it actually is, Jackson said. A candidate also  must have 25 signatures to qualify.

“The minority of (the disqualifications) were for signatures,” Jackson said.
The final reason for disqualification — Class A offenses — is the more serious class of violations in the OU Student Code of Conduct and includes academic misconduct, civil disturbance and other offenses.

“A-level offenses, by nature, are suspendable,” Dean of Students Ryan Lombardi said.

Applicants who are still subject to sanctions from an offense are ineligible to run.
FACE presidential candidate Matthew Wallace said Lombardi told him all his ticket’s nine disqualified candidates were rejected for misreporting their GPAs.

“None of my candidates were disqualified due to too low GPA or judicial records,” he said.

RSVP’s presidential candidate, Kyle Triplett, said he thinks his ticket’s three disqualifications came from errors on their applications.

“We’re still kind of fuzzy,” he said.

Wallace  and Triplett said their parties plan to meet with Lombardi today to discuss the appeals process. A party cannot replace a disqualified candidate if an appeal is unsuccessful, Wallace said.

Of the nine disqualified FACE candidates, three were charged with disorderly conduct — a Class A offense under the Code of Conduct — within the past year. SAC at-large candidate Jeff Kiser and at-large candidate Joel Newby were found guilty of disorderly conduct, a minor misdemeanor. Greg Christo-Baker, a SAC at-large candidate, was found guilty of persistent disorderly conduct, a fourth-degree misdemeanor, according to Athens Municipal Court records.
However, Wallace said that’s not why they were disqualified.

“(Lombardi) is 99.9 percent sure that it is all due to the 0.2 variance,” he said.
Lombardi refused to comment on specific reasons for any candidate’s disqualification because of privacy concerns.

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