Student sues OU following laundry room fall

An Ohio University student is suing the university for about $700 in damages after she allegedly fell down in a campus laundry room.
Deana Lewis, 18, said she slipped on a recently mopped floor in a campus laundry room and is suing OU for $691.20 to cover the medical cost after she slipped, according to a complaint filed in the Ohio Court of Claims on Wednesday.
Lewis said she was carrying her laundry basket at about 11 a.m. on Sept. 14 when she slipped. She landed on her head and was disoriented for a period of time, according to the complaint.
She visited O’Bleness Memorial Hospital the day after the incident, and Lewis is asking for OU to pay her $80 to cover the cost for visit, $10 for a doctor visit, $51.20 for an X-ray and $550 for “possible future medical expenses.”
The fall has since caused Lewis frequent headaches, according to the complaint. Lewis said a student witnessed the event and helped her, but she failed to get his name and contact information.
OU and the court have yet to issue a response to the complaint.


Ridiculous and frivolous

Ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit. People need to be aware of their surroundings. It's not the fault of others if they act in a childish manner.

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