Students study in Ghana

A group of Scripps students spent their Winter Break in Africa, learning about international journalism.

Ohio University junior Aly Fosset plays with a child at Street Sisters Daycare in Accra, Ghana. Fosset spent two days interning at the Daycare as part of the journalism study abroad group that spent the winter break in Ghana. (Sarah Kramer | Picture Editor)

While most Ohio University students went home over Winter Break, 19 Scripps College of Communication students studied overseas in Ghana.

The trip was organized in part by the Institute for International Journalism and its director Yusuf Kalyango.

“Experiences like this trip to Ghana help to prepare students for a complex world so that when issues arise, they are prepared to handle them,” he said.

The students selected for the trip had to go through an interview process.

“We wanted to take students who were mature enough in mind to handle cultural differences and understand that Ghana is not America. They had to be respectful,” Kalyango said.

While in Ghana OU students studied alongside African students at the African University College of Communications.

Michelle Robinson, a junior studying broadcast journalism and one of the students on the trip, said that the difference between American and African classes was noticeable.

“(The classes) were much more interactive. Instead of just sitting and listening, all of the students were actively involved,” she said.

Robinson interned at ETV Ghana where she attended meetings and went into the field.

“The whole organization had one vehicle, so we would have to drop everyone off at their location all over the city. It was a lot different than American journalism,” Robinson said.

Scripps students will again have the chance to go abroad later this year to cover the World Cup in Brazil.

“I learned that we may be more protected in the United States by our laws of the First Amendment,” said Ben Clos, a junior studying strategic communication.

“African countries, especially Ghana are catching up. However it does seem that in African Countries, journalists have more risk. Many times their lives can be in danger.”

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