Sullivan photo swap only half our fault

The wrong headshot

The right mugshot

So, we've had this problem before. In fact, when I read our breaking story online, I was worried I would be waking up to a case of deja vu.

Unfortunately, I was right.

What happened, you ask. Well, we ran the wrong photo of Athens County Commissioner and tawdry-headlinemaker Mark Sullivan.

The first time this happened, Mr. Sullivan was kind enough to inform us that the headshot we ran was not him. For some reason, though, that is the headshot for him on the Athens County Democratic Party's website.

So, we were only partly to blame for that first time.

The second time though, we probably should have been a bit more cautious, but the person in charge of that night's shift isn't the most familiar with our dear friend Mark.

So he grabbed — unbeknownst to him — the wrong headshot. (I like "so" at the beginning of sentences. I'll try to cut that out.)

John Nero is a senior studying journalism and copy chief of The Post. Catch any other errors? Kindly let him know with an email to

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